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SouthPaw Multi-Level Dog Training Program

SouthPaw Training has a multi-level training program. If you want more than just the Basic Obedience and want to go further in training your dog to Off-Leash control, we have the ability to take you to that level. We have Intermediate and Advanced levels of training, to work on the issues of training for Off-Leash. At SouthPaw Training, we have 20 acres, fenced for outdoor distraction and distance training.
Each level of training has requirements to meet, to qualify for a Certificate of Completion in that level. Requirements for each level are listed in the last section of the SouthPaw Training Book.
Listed below will give you some insight of taking your training a step further, getting to have control Off-Leash with your dog.

Basic Indoor Obedience Dog Training

This level is designed to give you the indoor manners and control on leash only. This is the basic or beginner type of training. Our levels are set up in the same manner as school was for you. Basic is elementary - manners, behavior, obedience and leash control. The Intermediate level is comparable to high school and gives you a testing period for Off-leash, by working with a long line for safety. When you go to the Advanced level, you are working on college work to achieve control with your off-leash.
In the basic level, you will be mainly working on behavior modification and teaching your dog the obedience words and the application. All of the basics have to be done on a leash to give you a way to control the situation. As your dog learns each word's definition, you work on applying them to everyday life.
Behavior Modification is the first subject that will be worked on in the Basic Level. This will give you the knowledge and tools to work on correcting unwanted behaviors (jumping, nipping, whining, chewing, and housetraining to name a few). We give you tools to take control and assist your dog in understanding the rules of the house. You will learn how to become a Leader for your dog and learn to be consistent. Helping the pet owner to learn to lead the dog into a good behavior, is the main goal for teaching a dog to respect and work on their life with you.
All Basic Classes include a SouthPaw Training Book to help guide you through successful training. The training book follows the entire program, beginning with Behavior Modification. Each section follows each week's subject and is detailed as well as illustrated, to aid you in your training. Our training book has had many years of changes, to get the book where it is now.
Once you have graduated from the Basic Level, you are ready to proceed to the next level of training. The next level helps to extend the definition of the structure and obedience learned in Basic Obedience.
Graduation Requirements:
Behavior modifications- addressing issues
Show control on leash
Heel, sit, down, stay, and come on leash

Intermediate Level Dog Training

Prerequisite Basic Training - Outdoor and Indoor training
The Intermediate and Advanced Levels of training are the most exciting levels. In this level, you get to see the hard work that has been put into a dog start paying off. The dog takes steps toward achieving, his ultimate goal to be free and off-leash. As the training proceeds, students are amazed to see how much the dog has grown in knowledge and desire to be a companion. The dog learns that all the goals you worked on in Basic Level, do have meaning and that these goals are something he wants. Once the dog recognizes that your goals are the same as his desires, you are on your way to a life of companionship with safety and enjoyment.
In this level of training, you will be working on extending the definition of each obedience word, along with other applications to them. You will be working on using a safety line (50-foot long line), giving you the distances to train obedience with safely. You will go from using food as a motivation to using vocal motivation, praise, and corrections.
Training a dog to be off-leash and still obey requires working on achieving greater distance from your dog. Even at a distance of 10, 20 or 50 feet, and off-leash, your dog must learn to be obedient to you. Until this awareness occurs, you will not have a reliably safe dog. Doing long line training has become one of the safest and most productive methods for training distances and distraction for off-leash. The techniques are simple to use, but very effective.
In this level, you will be teaching your dog the value of freedom, along with defining the sit, down, and come with more useful details to each command. In the Intermediate Level, dogs learn from other dogs and from other people. The productivity at this level is amazing to train and watch. The dogs learn to use the knowledge and push to achieve their goal to be free and off-leash.  
SouthPaw Training has added an aspect that has proved to be very successful. By combining Intermediate Level dog with the Advanced Level dog, they look more towards working for a higher achievement. They learn to figure out what gives some dogs freedom and others not. Progression happens when the dog figures out, all he has to do to be off-leash - is to listen and obey. Freedom is only a thought away.
Graduation Requirements: 
All commands using long line, with minimal food motivation
Training on 50' long line
Heel, Sit, Down, Stay and Come on 50' long line
Sit and Down in motion on long line
Heel from a distance
Stand and Stay
Pre-Finish - Heel from angles
Out of sight come
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Advanced Off-Leash Level Dog Training

Outdoor and Indoor Training
At this level of training, it is just a matter of your dog learning, that his new found freedom comes with a small price - listen and obey. Off-Leash means your dog must have control and obey with verbal praise and correction. Without this connection, your dog will not be safe. When your dog recognizes that it is simple to comply, then he accomplishes what he wants - Freedom.
In this level, you will be working on removing the long line and working on control without a leash. All of the Off-Leash must be done without food, to assure you have control without the aide.  
Commands in this level will be taken one step further than the previous level. All obedience words will have several versions, as to what is needed to be Off-Leash. You will be working on teaching your dog to stop in the middle of a Come command and Sit or Down. This will give the control to stop your dog while he is moving and understand this concept. Once you can control your dog moving or still, with or without a leash and with verbal control only, you will reach your mark.
This is an exciting level. Gratification in this level is immense. You will see that all the goals that you thought were impossible in the Basic Level are now in your hands. Your dog will see that all that he thought had been taken away are now in front of him. He learns that Freedom comes with small rules, but it is there. Listen and obey, Freedom is right there.
Graduation Requirements: All commands off-leash with verbal praises and corrections.
Heel, Sit, Down, Stay and Come - 50' off-leash
Heel from the front off-leash
Sit and Down on Recall off-leash
Sit, Down and Stay at 50' off-leash
Stand at a distance off-leash
Come and join the fun, working on achieving your dog's goals for Freedom. SouthPaw Training has an excellent rate of achievement for these goals. It takes a little time and a lot of fun. Try it, we think you will like it.
SouthPaw Training has students coming from Clear Lake, League City, Seabrook, Kemah, Friendswood, Pearland, Dickinson, Pasadena, Alvin, and Galveston. We are not far from any of the surrounding areas.  
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