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SouthPaw Dog Training vs. Board-N-Train Method

There are many different ways to accomplish getting your dog trained. If you call a professional trainer, some will work with you, training you and some trainers prefer to train your dog for you (Board-N-Train). Training happens in both group setting and private settings.
SouthPaw Training method:
In our training classes, you and the trainer will work with your dog directly, with you taking him home every day. These classes are done in Group or Private setting or In-Home. A trainer will work with you each week of the training program, working step by step.
In any circumstance, your dog can be trained. The biggest advantage of our training is that you will spend time with your dog to achieve any type of compliance that you need at your home or with you.

Private vs. Group Training

Every type of training will have its pros and cons. Private classes work well for individuals that do not like groups or possibly the dog is too hyper. The private setting is great when schedules will not permit a day or time for other classes.  
Here again, there is good and bad with all types. Group training sessions come at a reasonable price and are affordable for everyone. In group settings, the dogs learn to socialize and learn from other dogs. Board-n-Train works well for those individuals that are not physically able to train a dog. You have to pick what works best for you.
I have found over the years, if you want a well-mannered and adjusted dog, you need to do the work. If you're not going to put the time in adjusting your puppy to living in his new world, you are not being fair to your puppy.
Dog Training

SouthPaw Training Method

Any method you use will require you to put the time in, to learn the connection and achieve a bond with your dog. SouthPaw Training method gives you all of the connection to achieve the required bonding with your dog.
SouthPaw Training works on teaching our students everything we know about dogs and then some more. We want you to leave with the understanding of how to make and apply rules your dog can follow. We like seeing our students put just a few minutes each day, working on communication and building a relationship with them during the training process. If we fail at succeeding to give you the knowledge you need, you will go home only to get frustrated.  
With our knowledge and teaching skill, we are able to give the owner the tools to achieve and work through the difficulties with their dog. Our training is designed to provide the required behavior modification and obedience along with our training manual, giving you a complete package to help you and your dog achieve success. Unlike Board-N-Train, you will take your dog home with you and work with him daily. You will be given a step by step method to achieve the success you need with your dog from the beginning.  
SouthPaw Training methods work on teaching the dog on a level he can understand - "Work to Earn." Dogs instinctively understand that if they want something, they must work for it. It is simple to direct a dog to learn human lifestyle, by offering the dog a reward for learning. The reward shows the dog that he can succeed and learn the rules of the human world. Our methods help the owner acquire a communication with the dog and help him achieve the bond he needs. 

Board-N-Train Method

Board-N-Train is a training where you drop your dog off to be trained. They will keep the dog for several weeks and train the dog while he is boarded. This type of training can be very expensive at times.
When you pick your dog up, you will be shown the training that has been done. Most places will give you a couple of follow-up sessions to help you work with your dog. I am not an advocate of this type of training. You do not know how your dog is being housed and cared for. You do not know how harsh the training that is being given to your dog is. I feel if you're going to have to do several follow-up classes to learn to work with your dog, then why not do the training up front and let your dog know you are working with him from the start.  
What generally happens after a Board-n-Train is that when the dog comes home, the owner is clueless of how to make the dog comply at home. The trainer demonstrated how well the dog does, yet he is now back to doing some of the things that took you to a trainer, to begin with. Now it seems you are heading back to square one. This is not uncommon. What happens is that the dog gets trained by the trainer (knowing what needs to be done) the dog goes home and finds out the owner does not know how to say "NO" and what to do about correcting the issues.  
I find that the people that spend a little time, in a class setting, working with a trainer and doing the program that the trainer has planned, will turn into very enjoyable bond and lifestyle for them and their pet. It is not that you cannot achieve the same situation with a Board-N-Train, it is that most people do not want to put the time in after the dog is trained. After a few weeks, the dog is not doing what the trainer showed or said the dog would do, and then the owner is frustrated with the dog and the Board N Train trainer.
In any type of training, the owner of the dog needs to know and understand how to accomplish what the rules are for the dog in his home. If the owner does not know even how to set rules and enforce them, the dog will naturally go back to being a dog. If the rules are not defined and consistent, the dog will get frustrated and go back to his natural state of being - a dog.  
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SouthPaw Training method allows you to bond with your dog during training and understand how to communicate with your dog.

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