Step It Up Obedience

Enroll Your Dog for the Modern Step It Up Obedience Training

Step It Up Obedience Training

Five years ago, we started a program combining obedience with some freestyle moves. This has proved to be a very exciting and motivating class for dogs.
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Obedience Training and Freestyle Step for Your Dog

SouthPaw Training is opening up a new way for dogs and owners to enjoy having fun with Obedience. Step It Up is taking obedience and freestyle step and applying them to a format, using music to motivate the dogs.
SouthPaw Training was found in 2009. We designed the first synchronized rally courses and a snaking course and then applied them to music. The dogs went to a different level of motivation. Their enjoyment level went sky rocket high and they were having more fun than their owners. SouthPaw Training has done several presentations using the synchronized rally and the snaking course with music and has had an amazing response.  
In Hungary, they conduct obedience training at a competition level. They perform as a team along with music and freestyle. It is now all across Europe. We're going to start this method of training in SouthPaw Training and would like to invite you to check it out. The training is all motivational and uses clicker training, which will be taught in the first class. In each class, we'll be working on the basic steps working up to a format using music. Each student will be encouraged to bring food and a favorite toy to motivate your dog to enjoy the fun.
The Step It Up program will be scheduled as an ongoing class. You can sign up at any time. So give us a call and join us today!
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SouthPaw Training is committed to providing its quality dog training services to Alvin, TX.
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