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Rally has come a long way since it started more than a decade ago. It evolves each year to be a fun, exciting and a motivating way to have a good time with your dog. Who knows you may get interested enough to try competition rally or competition obedience. Come join us for some fun.
Rally obedience is the result of Bud Kramer's concerns with the traditional obedience training based on high interests in agility and fly ball. Rally-O was conceived in the hope to make obedience training more attractive and fun, by providing a new venue to the field of competitive obedience.  
Rally style obedience was adopted from the rally car racing, because of the use of directional signs to guiding the handler through the course of obedience maneuvers. The team (dog and handler) heel, moving from sign to sign performing the exercises indicated on the sign - at each numbered location throughout the course. The judge only gives an indication to start the course, with no other responses through the course. The handler moves from sign to sign at will performing each exercise. Heeling on the course between exercises is judged as a part of the total performance.  
The performance of Rally-O is uninterrupted by directions from the judge, freedom in the selection of exercises, sequence arrangement in the design of the courses, adding to the uniqueness of the sport - the ability to communicate with your dog throughout the performance. The long awaited desire to be allowed to motivate the dog throughout the performance and a change in the precision based method of scoring will make this sport a very popular one.  
As of November 2017 AKC has added new levels to title your dog in. It is exciting to have more chances to title your dog, more levels to work in. There will be an Intermediate Level and now a Masters Level. The Master level will allow you to take your dog to the Grand Champion level, so to speak. This is exciting news for the sport of Rally.  

We will be working on the new Classes levels start in 2018.  This looks to be very fun and add more levels to work for, with more challenges.  In 2017 AK also introducing new signs to the Novice , Advance and Excellent level signs.  This will all be set in place by November 2017, giving around 6 months for everyone to learn the new levels, rules, and signs.
The O-Rally takes the tedious structure from obedience and makes it fun and motivation, thus helping to move dogs to want to work more with their owners more readily. The change in some dogs that have been bored, is rather interesting at times. Your dog will be involved in fun activities. It will be unique and engaging. Your pet will come out bouncing after having a phenomenal time. Competition dogs that have gotten an attitude with the ring work are now looking forward to doing something fun with all the training.
Give us a call and check out how much fun it is to do Rally Obedience. The motivation will turn your dog on and the bond will grow more.  
                                                                       Free Mobile APP
A free mobile app has been brought in from K9Rally by Bea Moore.  It is a free download on Google Play store and can be downloaded directly to your phone, tablet or computer.  It is really a remarkably useful tool, in that it has all the signs, rules - guidelines, point deductions, definitions for signs, jump heights and a cross reference with AKC referencing if you have web capabilities.  This is such a simple program to use and lookup any part of the Rally layout you need quickly.  No more searching through a rule book and not finding it.  Go to Google Play store and search "K9Rally" and download it. 
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Wow! there is now a Free app for Rally Obedience.  Check it out on Google Play Store:  "K9Rally" is completely free and offers everything you need to know about Rally.  
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