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SouthPaw Training offers a variety of training programs: group (max. 8), private (one on one) and in-home training. All of our basic programs give you the necessary training to accomplish the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing, as long as your dog's temperament is good. We also have the ability to take your dog's training further than just the basics. We offer the most comprehensive program in an indoor or outdoor setting for off-leash environments while training distractions with other dogs and people.
At our facility, we hold classes for basic, intermediate and advanced off-leash obedience training. SouthPaw Training has an air-conditioned training room with a fenced training field to provide a safe environment for training off-leash.
Our students range from big dogs to small ones and puppies to grown dogs. We have students from Clearlake, League City, Alvin, Friendswood, Pearland, Galveston, Texas City and La Marque, and Pasadena.
We offer CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing available several times a year, with our in-house CGC evaluator. All basic classes qualify for a Star Puppy Certificate for puppies under 12 months, after graduating from the basic obedience class.

For information contact Barbara at 409-316-1777 or 832-722-7044. You can email us at
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Dog Training Programs and Pricing

Basic Training:

Includes SouthPaw Training Book
Group - $175.00 for a 6-week session  
Private - $595.00 for a 6-week session
In-home - Starts at $695.00 for a 6-week session (sessions in your home)
SouthPaw Training offers a complete basic level class. We do not give part of a program and expect you to come back for more and more training to acquire the basics necessary for you to have an enjoyable pet. Our Basic Training class combines obedience and behavior modification, using a "Work to Earn" method. We offer students the opportunity to learn to communicate and bond with their dogs, giving the owner the ability to have control in distracting situations. Our students get the knowledge needed to assist them in taking control of the behavior problems, those other trainers might turn away.

Intermediate Training:

Group - $125.00 for 6-week session
Private - $595.00 for 6-week session
This level takes the basics one step further, teaching your dog to learn to use the trained commands in distracting situations. In this 6-week training period, students will train using long-lines, while working on control with distances and vocal praise. The goal for this level is for the dog to learn the control needed, to progress to the off-leash training. Your dog will learn to "Work to Earn" his off-leash freedom.

Freedom Training (On and Off-Leash):

Group - $125.00 for 6-week session
Private - $595.00 for 6-week session
The off-leash program offers the students a safe environment, to teach the dog to understand the importance of his freedom. This class allows you the opportunity to train safely while acquiring the needed distractions and situations to teach this bond with your dog (this class works best in a group setting).
Graduate Program - $60.00 for 6-week session
The Graduate program was actually designed by our Graduated students, from SouthPaw Training. This program gives them the opportunity to return for socialization and distraction control. Our students designed and set the price they felt was affordable, allowing them to come to any of our basic, intermediate or advanced class, at any time for a year (from the date paid.)  
Rally Obedience:

$80.00 -6 weeks / $70.00 for second dog
Weekly - $15.00 per week
Rally Obedience is obedience designed using numbered signs to be performed on a course with obedience. Rally was designed to be a motivational tool used to bridge the beginner dog into competition obedience. In Rally, you are able to talk and motivate your dog through the course performing the signs.  

Using Rally has helped to excite a dog into wanting to work the structure of obedience by using the motivational factors. Most dogs find it a great bond and find they like doing obedience better than before. Rally does not have to be trained as a competitive sport only. It can be used to just have fun and challenge your dog.  
Come join us in our Rally group. Rally meets weekly on Thursday evenings. Please call ahead.


$60.00 - per month / $50.00 for second dog
Weekly - $15.00 per week
Step-It-Up is a combination of Freestyle with Obedience and Tricks. Students will learn how to teach all of the Freestyle maneuvers, with obedience and put it to music. This is not a competition class. Our students have wanted something more to do with their dogs that will stimulate them.  
It is surprising how much energy and work the dogs will put into doing something that is all fun and motivational. We have found the dogs love the music and have a great time connecting with their partner.  
This is not your everyday obedience class. The more you give the dogs, the more they want to learn. No dog goes home bored.  
Come check out how much fun you can have with your dog. The class is every Tuesday morning, except for holidays. Please call ahead.
Please call ahead to notify us of your interest.
Don't forget to ask about multi-dog DISCOUNTS!
Call: 409-316-1777
If we don't have a program to fit your needs, contact us and we will design one.

Canine Good Citizen testing is done several times a year at SouthPaw Training. 

Contact Barbara Day, CGC Evaluator, for further details.
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