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Remember, it is never too late to start an education on your dog or puppy.
Certified Master Trainer Barbara Day is a graduate of National K-9 School of Dog Trainers and has trained and studied with many of the top trainers and methods. Barbara is certified in all levels of:
  • Obedience - All levels, basic through off-leash
  • Behavior modification
  • Puppy training
  • Tracking
  • Scent and drug detection
  • Police service dog
  • Assistance and service dog
  • Puppy and litter temperament testing
  • Conformation
  • Certified K9 First Aid and CPR
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Your dog's educational development is as vitally important to your child. Most people simply do not realize that the appropriate education for their dog can make the difference between a happy dog and an unhappy dog. Just as a good education can make a happy child.

As you consider training your dog, take the time to research the appropriate trainer as well as the appropriate course. Find out what will best suit both you and your dog. We strive to make your training the best we can and won't stop until we succeed.  
Certified master trainer, Barbara Day, has 35 years of experience in dog training and education, an exhibition in obedience, field, narcotics scent detection and confirmation and recognizes the importance of education for each dog.
SouthPaw Training specializes in Behavior Modification to assist with any type of problems your dog may be having. We work to help you and your pet achieve a balanced attitude, along with the social skill needed in today's society. We teach you how to communicate with your dog, helping him to understand how to live in a human world by training on a "Work to Earn" method.
As a trainer who currently owns Doberman Pinscher and previously Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Barbara Day has finished all of her Chessies to their Championship. Barbara Day has worked with local police departments training police service dogs, along with training and personally owning dogs certified in narcotics, dual purpose police K9, and protection.  
Our students come for all over Galveston and Brazoria County, Clear Lake, Alvin, Pearland, Friendswood, and the surrounding areas.  
SouthPaw Training welcomes dogs that may have been dismissed from other programs. We will evaluate your dog and help make a program, which will earn your dog his comfort in life.  
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